5 ways to make your garden wheelchair-friendly

The garden is one the of the greatest parts of any home. It’s the place where you can sit, relax and enjoy the wonderful sounds and scents of nature.   However, when you’re a wheelchair user, getting out into the garden is easier said than done, let alone maintaining it.   But not to worry, […]

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Viewing Guide and Tips for House Hunters

Shopping for a new house can be an exciting and stimulating experience for many. Most people do not know exactly what to look for, what to focus on, and what to overlook in house viewing. Many will choose a house based on the first impression and not for what they like.   You don’t need […]

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10 terrific tips for disabled travellers

Travel is an incredible experience.   But it comes with many challenges, which can be compounded when you’ve got a disability.   Don’t let this deter you from travelling – our 10 terrific travel tips will set you on the right path.     Research     You should research your destination in advance, in […]

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