3 key things considered in the property valuation

3 key things considered in the property valuation

Real estate is one of the most promising investments, and many businesspersons are venturing into this field. As an investor, be sure to come across the word property valuation frequently. Also known as real estate appraisal, it refers to the process of coming up with the market value of a property. You must understand this concept as it gives you a clear picture of any real estate deal.

One thing you need to know about the property business is that there's a significant difference between price and value. The set price may not be indicative of the cost. To have a smooth deal, the value should guide you to set a price for the land or house you want to sell.

An appraiser or valuer is the company or person that provides valuation services. Number 1 Valuers is one of the appraisal firms to bank on when you need such services.

A professional valuer considers three essential factors when coming up with the market worth of your property. The following are these key appraisal elements.


  1. Condition Of The Property

The number one thing that appraisal firms look at to come up with the worth of property in question is their condition. For example, if it is a house, attributes such as age and design come to play to determine how much it may attract in the market.

A well-maintained unit attracts more as it looks robust, majoring on the longevity aspect. The state of the building materials is vital with focus on the wall, both outside and inside, the same to the roofing material.

The architectural style looks at the demand for such designs in the real estate sector as some housing models are more popular among buyers.  For land, the terrain and the entire topography is the determining factor, where valuers look at features such as the soil condition and fertility.

The land size is equally essential, and many appraisals look at it as the foundation of the property's price.

Below are other factors that property valuation firms look at.

  • Electrical wiring and water system connections.

  • Property damage prevention measures applied.

  • Structural stability of the property.

  • Ease in setting up structures in the case of the land.

  • Availability of legal documents of the property in question.


  1. Location

The situation of real estate is another factor that valuation companies look at when coming up with the rate of realty. The site focuses on what is around the immovable asset and how it determines the well-being of the acquirer.

Property in upmarket areas will have a higher value, mostly due to the prestige associated with the location. A small parcel of land will attract more compared to other areas, and they make up for some of the best realty deals.

The surrounding amenities are also essential as they determine the demand. Some of the present facilities that may boost the worth of your property are as follows.

  • Schools

  • Malls and other shopping areas such as grocery stores.

  • Worshipping centers such as churches and mosques.

Proximity to the road is another essential factor under location. It translates to ease in transportation, more so if you want property for farming purposes. The asset’s worth stands a chance to be higher if the road is tarmac.

Security is equally critical, with surrounding amenities such as a police post being an assurance of safety


  1. The Demand-Pull

The need for a property is the other factor that realty appraisal companies will have their eyes on to value your immovable asset. The demand pull has a significant effect on what your property will go for and brings into parallel the existing economic conditions.

If the economy is performing well with enough cash circulating, then your asset will fetch a decent value. The situation is converse during moments of recession, where owning a home, land, or any other realty is more of a luxury than a basic need.

The bottom line is that when the demand is great, the value of your real estate will be high.



The property market is fast-growing and boasts of an impressive market. The stable demand is one of the reasons that many investors are buying into this sector with the expectation of vast profits when they conclude their deals.

When getting into a realty deal, you need to know about property valuation. As earlier hinted, it gives you a precise estimation of how much an asset will attract should it go for sale. The property value differs from its price because the latter mostly has the buying price as its foundation.

Look for a proper appraisal firm such as Number 1 Valuers and get the best property valuation services. Listed above are some of the critical things that the firm will look at to give you a hint of your property's worth.