From January 2014 Accessible Property Register is offering local authorities a partnership option designed to significantly increase identification and promotion of wheelchair accessible and adapted properties available for sale and rent.

Local authorities partnering with APR will be authorised to offer all housing providers and agencies within their local area (local authority, social housing organisations, developers, estate agents, and landlords) free access to a no-cost advertising and support system for wheelchair accessible and adapted housing, operated by APR and endorsed by the Local Authority.

Increase the percentage of accessible property advertised and enhance independence and choice in housing for older and disabled people within your local authority area.

Partnership features

Accessible Property Register will:

•   Provide and maintain the advertising infrastructure i.e. a website on which housing providers and agencies authorised by individual partner authorities can place adverts for qualifying properties (wheelchair accessible and adapted properties only).

•   Provide straightforward criteria that can be used by advertisers to identify qualifying properties.

•   Provide core information that can be used by Partner local authorities on their own websites to inform site users of the nature and purpose of the partnership.

•   Provide outline content for information that Partner local authorities might use to encourage housing organisations and estate agents to participate in the scheme.

•   Support authorised advertisers directly when required.

Partner Local Authorities are invited to:

•   Provide a webpage on the local authority website offering information about wheelchair accessible and adapted property and including links to the relevant regional section of the Accessible Property Register website where advertisements can be viewed and advertisers contacted.

•   Make contact with potential advertisers to invite participation in the local network and provide details of how to place adverts for qualifying properties.

•    Offer participating housing providers a listing and link to their website on the local authority webpage.  This incentive could be very attractive to estate agents and other housing organisations who would be getting extra publicity in addition to specifically targetted advertising at no cost!

Want to know more?

Please get in touch with APR by email at info@accessible-property.com, or telephone 0207 993 2135