How do electrical appliances impact a home’s accessibility?

    According to the charity Scope, there are almost 14 million people in the UK living with a disability. The proportion of those who rent their home is likely to rise. Landlords and housing associations have an obligation to ensure that homes are accessible, if not by design, then by retrofit. One often overlooked area of […]

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    Preparing your home when a disabled or elderly relative moves in

    When we think of home, we often think of a place where we feel comfortable. But for some, such as disabled and elderly individuals, home can become a source of stress which is difficult to maintain and get around.  For those that need a little help, it is a common option for them to move […]

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    Making Your Home Energy-Efficient by Maximizing Heating & Cooling

    If you’re struggling to pay for your mortgage and home expenses, decreasing your energy bill will greatly help you. In fact, people can’t seem to agree on anything political when it comes to energy and climate change, but most people don’t want to overpay for energy and most people do not want to frivolously waste […]

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