Google Streetview – an essential new tool for house hunters

Google Streetview – an essential new tool for house hunters

The launch of Google Streetview in 25 UK cities opens a whole new dimension for house hunters. An addition to Google Maps, Streetview offers the option of a high-resolution street level tour which will ultimately include every street in the UK.

Streetview allows users to choose any street (postcode or street name) and to move along the street in either direction. On-screen arrows rotate the view through 360° and zoom in to examine a property in detail. Rotate upwards to examine tall buildings.

So what is that street really like? Now you can find out! Do the adjoining properties look well-kept? Is there sufficient parking? Are those shops really 100m away? Take a look - the camera doesn't lie! You no longer have to rely on those carefully angled estate agent photographs. If you want to know what is round the corner, just go and look! And don't forget the satellite view to leap over the property and check out the size of the back garden.

See Streetview in action

Despite concerns raised over privacy, Google Streetview is a powerful new tool for the serious househunter. Try it - things will never be the same again!