How to Sell Your Home Quickly

How to Sell Your Home Quickly

If you need to sell your home fast, maybe due to having found a new property already, or a change in personal circumstances or a new job, there are several things you can do to speed the process up.

You need to be aware there are sometimes, for the sake of speed, that you might have to sacrifice getting the price that you want, or you might have to make some compromises in order to sell your property fast. A guaranteed way to ensure a quick sale is a cash sale. Visit to arrange a no obligation valuation.

How long does it usually take?

It can take anywhere from 8 weeks up to several months to sell a property, depending on the specific situation. Selling conditions will vary depending on the market, how you price your property and the condition that it is in.

It also will depend on whether the new buyer is motivated, the time of year that it is (if there are any major holidays coming up) and the conveyancing solicitor that you choose.

However, a majority of those factors are ones that you can control, and there definitely are ways to speed the process up.


You could end up with fewer viewings if you are too ambitious with your pricing. The months might drag on while you are waiting for somebody to make an offer on your house, and your estate agent might suggest that you drop your price.

The best way to get a fast sale is to make sure that your property is priced competitively - be sure that people now that they are getting a great deal because you want a fast sale. Just make sure that you don't drop the price too much, since buyers may think there is something wrong with your property. Just figure out in advance how much money you need to get, and how low you will be willing to go to get the property sold.

Your estate agent can help you price your home competitively if you are clear about being willing to less money in order to get a quick sale.

If you are willing to be patient and wait you might be able to get more money for your property, but if your priority is speed, then be prepared to lower your price in exchange for a fast sale.

Kinds of buyers

If you put a property up for sale at a time when the market is slow it could mean that it will take more time to sell. However, there always are buyers who are searching for a good deal, whether it is investors or first-time home buyers.

The kind of buyer that you accept an offer from does affect the process. If you agree with a cash buyer, a first-time buyer, or buyer to let, then most likely there will not be a long process and there will not be anything holding up the sale. A first-time buyer who has a mortgage in place already when they make an offer can also save you time.

Similarly, if you sell your house outright without having to move into a new home, then the situation will be simplified. If you are intending to purchase another house, you will have to be aware of your process and whether that is going to have an impact or not.

How to improve your property

You might be able to sell your house faster if you take the time to make it appear as appealing as possible. From basic fixes like using neutral paint, making repairs, or decluttering your home, it encourages the buyer to see it more as their potential new home. This is frequently referred to as staging a house.

If you make these changes before you put your property up for sale it will allow prospective buyers to see how the property can benefit them. Having to look past the loud wallpaper, mess, and clutter can result in fewer buyers falling in love with your house on first sight.

If your house has any issues, fixing them ahead of time can help you make a more profitable and faster sale. Making a sole only to find that a survey reveals issues can be very frustrating. If you really would like to speed up the process, you can have your own survey done on the property, to make sure there are not any issues before any buyers start viewing your home.

Taking the time to address any potential issues ahead of time and making sure your home is an excellent option for prospective buyers will help to speed the process up once you put it up for sale.

Be flexible

One of the easiest ways to speed the sale up is to do whatever you can to make buyers feel secure. Whether that means discussing upfront what your sale includes or telling them in advance that you will be happy to leave the shed or white goods for them after you move.


If they want to come over and visit a couple of times, welcome and encourage them to do so, be available and answer any questions they have. Although your estate agent usually will handle the visit, you might be able to help them find the answers.

What can you do to move the process along after you have sold your home?

After you have agreed on a sale, now is not the time to slow things down - a long, drawn-out sale can increase the chances of the deal falling through. Make sure that your buyer's solicitor and your conveyancing solicitor are on the same page, and that everybody wants to move the sale along as much as possible.

You might discover that you need to stay active and make sure to find out who is responsible for the next step in the process and follow up on all of the paperwork. There are some conveyancing firms that provide an online interface that allow you to check on the progress of the sale.

Clients have very little control over the conveyancing process - it can take time for searches to come up, there could be complications with paperwork. So the very best thing that you can do at that point is work to clear out and pack up the property to make your move official.

Summary - How to sell your house quickly

Here are our top tips for selling your house as fast as possible:

- Fix any issues and remove any clutter to make your property as appealing as possible

- Price your home reasonably and competitively so that you will get immediate interest from buyers very quickly. The competitive element should also help to push buyers into committing faster as well.

- Get the conveyance solicitor organized as quickly as possible. Make sure they are in agreement on a fast sale and whether they have any planned holidays coming up on their schedule.

Although there are issues that can arise to slow a sale down, and you cannot be completely in control of the process, if you do these few things ahead of time, you can increase your chances of making a quick sale.