‘Property wanted’ works – ask Relocation Relocation!

‘Property wanted’ works – ask Relocation Relocation!

Channel 4's Relocation Relocation this week showed just how effective 'Property wanted' advertising can be. Kirsty and Phil's task was to find the ideal property for a couple in Perthshire who had already seen everything on the market!

Our heroes eventually delivered the goods (two super properties that were not yet on the market) thanks to carefully targeted 'Property wanted' ads placed throughout the local area.

Our new website, Property to You can offer you the same opportunity. If you can't immediately find what you are looking for on the APR website, try placing a free 'Property wanted' listing on Property to You. We've already had some success in locating wheelchair accessible (and other) property via this route.

If you are looking for property (sale or rent) and can't immediately find your ideal home, do give Property to You a try. It is free and you might just be offered your ideal home!

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