Three Top Tips for Becoming a Student

Three Top Tips for Becoming a Student

If you have a disability, moving out and considering university presents even more problems than the average person. You must think about becoming independent, finding a place to live, having support in classes, and financial aid. If you want to study in further education, your disability should never stop you. If you are unsure of where to start, follow these top tips.

Consider Different Universities

When you apply, do not let your disability stop you from choosing the course or university you want to attend. Like any other student, your main focus is applying to do the course that interests you and accessibility should be an afterthought. Once you have applied to different places, consider checking them out to see how you can get around and what facilities are available.

There should be information on university websites about what is available for you. Universities have a legal requirement to ensure that any adjustments are made for their students if needed. If you find you have visited a university that does not have what you would need to learn just as any other student, speak to someone at the university. You can read more about these requirements here:

Live Close to Campus

If you are ready to move out and become as independent as possible, it is a good idea to stay close to campus. This will make it easier to get to classes and means you will be with other students. If you would prefer, live with a flatmate who may be able to give you a hand if needed.

If your disability allows, there is no reason why you cannot study abroad if that is what you aspire to do. With stunning student accommodation, Valencia is a wonderful city to discover. With gorgeous open space apartments, you can live on your own or with another student. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can find some luxury apartments that will provide you with an added level of comfort here:

Support Your Parents

It is one of the hardest times for a parent when their child says they are going to university and although parents are there to support us, it is only right we support them too. For parents who have a child with a disability, there are even more worries going around in their head than usual and it can be a worrying time.

Asking them for help does not mean you cannot cope, it just means that like every other student, sometimes, you must lean on your parents for additional help. Besides, they’ll probably relish in the fact that you still want them to help. Keep in regular contact with them and let them come with you to view accommodations and universities. It may help put their mind at rest to see how accessible and friendly these places are. It can be frustrating if you want your independence, but remember, they only want what is best for you.

Once you have chosen your course and your university, you can then begin to think about financial aid that is available. There is plenty of support for disabled students and you can find all of this on the government website.