8 Tips To Maximizing Space With Style

8 Tips To Maximizing Space With Style

Part of future-proofing your home means preparing for changes. As future technology makes it more possible to live alone, it only makes sense to design your home with accessibility in mind.  But whether you’re planning for the future, thinking of renting a self storage unit, or you’re looking for design tips that work to meet your needs right now, there’s always a way to make even the tightest spaces more accessible, with a few clever storage tricks to make your life, and your space, easier to navigate. 

Light Touches

It’s the small things that make a home. Soft furnishings can work to make a space feel cosy, whilst not cluttered. Opting for a fluffy area rug and some throw pillows can give a place warm and add a touch of colour to the room. Rugs can be used in a number of ways, including being thrown across a chair for a laid back chic look - and ultimate comfort. This will also create more floor space without sacrificing key trends and style.

Clip Binder Clips Onto Your Desk For Stray Cords

Whether you’ve got cords dangling all over the floor, or that one mass stuffed away in a drawer somewhere, it’s tough to navigate a room cluttered up with electrical cords. And it can be dangerous to navigate, if not for you, then for your electronics. Keep things organised with binder clips! By clipping binder clips to your desk, and hanging the cords from the clips will get them off the floor, and keep them untangled too.


Think Vertical


Even the smallest rooms have plenty of square footage you’re not using. You just need to look up! Hanging shelves get the clutter off the floor, and make even tight spaces easier to navigate. There are plenty of stylish ways to turn your walls into storage space. Whether you’re using invisible bookshelves or a DIY pegboard organizer, you can create a sense of style in your space, while also saving floor space. You can even use the crown molding on your wall to store your heels, turning your prized shoe collection into gorgeous works of art.


Go For Headboard Storage


It’s no good having a lot of shelving if the shelves are too high up to reach! Maximize your space with a headboard shelf. It’s as functional as a bedside table, and makes hiding clutter easier, with drawers, and cabinets. If you’re looking to maximize under-the-bed space, you can opt for a storage bed. Or, put the bed on risers to give you more space for storage underneath.


Use Velcro


Velcro may have made your shoes look uncool when you were a kid, but they can make your space feel a lot more organised. And yes, stylish too! Buy Velcro sticky-pads and use them to keep your drawer organisers in place, keep external hard drives and other tech stuff on your desk where it belongs, and use it to apply and move around wall hooks, and even shelving!


Hanging Planters and Baskets For Storage


Plants and greenery make a great addition to any home. But if you love to garden, and you’ve got hanging baskets just… hanging around? They make for great storage solutions too! Take a hanging planter and add wicker baskets, or even plastic buckets in a bright colour to your bathroom, or the inside of your closet. They’re great storage for bath items, makeup, or winter gear like scarves, hats, and gloves. That means they’re easily within reach when you need them, and out of the way when you’re short on space. And all without compromising style!


Use Bead Organizers


If you’re a crafter, you’re probably familiar with bead organizers. They’re boxes with little boxes inside, to organize beads, thread, and fasteners. If your drawers are disorganised, and you’ve got a lot of knick knacks filling your desks and shelves, bead organizers are a great way to handle the little things. Whether it’s too much makeup, a cluttered desk, or a hobby that’s gone out of control, giving space so you don’t sweat the small stuff, is a quick, cheap way to keep organized. No more junk drawers!


Go Multipurpose

One of the best ways to save space in your home is to have less stuff. Multipurpose furniture is a way to cut down on both floor space, and the expense of large furniture. Try for storage you can sit on, like ottoman crates. Or a table that can be converted into a desk when you need one. If you’re still short on space, go for something more portable. Rolling bookcases and tables make it easier to move furniture as you need it, and tuck it away somewhere when you don’t. When it comes to saving space, having furniture that does double duty will make that twice as easy.


Creating a more accessible home isn’t just about having the right fixtures. If you want to maximise your space, the key is eliminating clutter and clearing a room. But you don’t have to keep things sparse or focus on accessible design. You can simplify with these quick and simple design tricks, to give you more stylish options, and show off your personality, and your space!