Selling a property with sitting tenants

    Life is unpredictable and sometimes residential property owners need to quickly sell their houses or flats, but they worry that’s impossible if they have sitting tenants whose rents are capped and can’t be evicted. It’s understandable if you think having these tenants might prevent putting your home on the market – but the truth is […]

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    3 key things considered in the property valuation

    Real estate is one of the most promising investments, and many businesspersons are venturing into this field. As an investor, be sure to come across the word property valuation frequently. Also known as real estate appraisal, it refers to the process of coming up with the market value of a property. You must understand this […]

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    How to Start a Property Valuation Business in Australia

    Estimating the value of your real estate is essential for a variety of reasons, including investment analysis, financing, sales listing, taxation, and property insurance. However, many people use the services of a property valuer to determine the asking and purchase price of a piece of real estate property. That said, how can you start a […]

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