Fighting the Cold: 6 Tips for a Warmer Home

Fighting the Cold: 6 Tips for a Warmer Home

Many people look forward to crisp winter mornings until the cold starts to seep into their homes. After all, your home is supposed to provide comfort, and warmth is a huge part of that! Rather than bundling yourself up in a scarf and coat while inside, follow these six tips for a warmer home. By taking these key tips into account, you will be able to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere that you’ll love to spend time in.

1. Set Timer on Heating 
Leaving your heating on for the whole day isn’t viable for many people, as it’ll dramatically increase the electric bill. Avoiding this doesn’t mean you have to get home to a freezing house, though – setting a timer will heat your house when you need it most.

This is perfect for those freezing mornings, as you can already have your house heating up before your alarm has gone off! Set it for an hour before you get home from work, too, so you are greeted with a cosy house.

2. Upgrade Windows 
One of the biggest reasons a house feels cold is old, single glazed windows. Swapping these out for double glazed will help keep the heat inside the house, meaning you don’t have to blast the heating as often.

While the investment might seem like a lot at first, over time, you’ll save a lot of money on heating bills. Have a look at double glazed windows Birmingham for high-quality, reliable windows that’ll give your home an extra dose of toasty. Plus, they’ll look great!

3. Lots of Blankets 
Sometimes, all you need to warm your toes up is plenty of blankets and a relaxing sit on the sofa. Not only will a bright blanket give you a chance to warm up, but it’ll also give the house a more inviting feel all around. Have a look around for some cute blankets and cushions to give your home a colourful, cosy lift.

Additionally, you could invest in a weighted blanket to keep you both warm and relaxed at home. A weighted blanket can help ease anxiety and stress and can also calm restless legs and help you sleep better. When choosing a weighted blanket, it is suggested that you find a weight that is 10% of your body weight. This way, the weight isn’t too restrictive, and you can still feel the benefits. If you also suffer from any pain (such as arthritis) and any aches, which can be brought on more severely due to cold weather, a weighted blanket and its deep pressure will also help with these.

4. Use Draft Stoppers
If your doors have lots of space underneath, then you could be losing a lot of heat from the room. Invest in some draft stoppers to keep as much warmth in as possible. Also – don’t forget to close the doors! Little changes like these can make a world of difference to the temperature.

5. Buy Thick Curtains 
If you lose heat through the windows, then ensuring you close thick curtains are a great counter to that. While it won’t help in the daytime to close your curtains when evening comes and the temperature drops, thick curtains will ensure it doesn’t creep in too much.

During the day make sure your curtains are open because sunlight is free energy and it can work wonders in small rooms especially. You can buy specific curtains that are designed to insulate your room further than regular curtains, and these can be a great addition to a nursery or bedroom for when it gets colder during the night.

6. Use Hot Water Bottles 
While a cool room is better for sleeping, you don’t want to lay under the covers shivering until you drop off. If you find that you’re struggling to sleep because of a cold bedroom, then consider buying some hot water bottles to keep you toasty throughout the night. There is also the bonus of there being many adorable hot water bottles out there!

There is nothing worse than coming home to a cold house after a long day of work. By following these tips, you ensure that the shivers disappear as soon as you’ve stepped foot through the front door.



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