Types of Log Cabins: Different Types of Cabins

Types of Log Cabins: Different Types of Cabins

Log cabins, as the name insinuates, are homes made from logs of timber. They have immensely increased in popularity owing to their environmentally friendly nature. They are also relatively cheap to construct and people have the autonomy to craft designs that ultimately fit their interests.

Timber can be moulded perfectly to yield a compelling look of nobility and feel of comfort. Depending on the technology, the type of wood used and the design of the cabin, they can be classified into various categories.

To help people know how to buy the best log cabins, here is a comprehensive description of each type of cabin you can get.

Hand Designed Log Cabin

This is a cabin made from fresh handcrafted wood logs. The constructor does not refine the wood so you may even see the remnants of cut branches on the logs used. Logs are joined using manual methods like nails by the use of a harmer.

Crafting is made in a unique way to make the cabin wonderful and also luxurious. Since only strong wood is used, hand-crafted cabins tend to have a high enduring value. Make people love hand cabins because they are beautiful, natural and luxurious with high durability.

Machine Profiled Cabins    

Wood logs are profiled, made into different rectangular compartments before being used in the construction of walls of cabins. The raw wood is processed and treated to ensure it meets desired quality standards before being utilised to make the cabins.

Logs still remain round but very appealing to the eye. Shapes and sizes are mathematically precise since processing is done using machines and automated procedures. Machine profiling is done to make sure logs are accurate and can endure outdoor harsh weather like storms and rain.

Cabins Classified According to Type of Wood Used

Just like wooden furniture, log cabins could be made from either low quality or high-quality wood. First, confirm that is made of hardwood and not softwood. It is recommended that people select cabins made of logs of diameter measuring 8-10 inches. Such logs are robust and can save you a lot of energy because it prevents heat loss.

  • Spruce: This is popularly known as white wood.  It has been the main raw material in the construction of cabins because it is resistant to decay and insect infestation. Spruce can be used alone or it can be used to coat another type of wood that may not be strong. To make sure your log cabin is excellent, confirm if spruce is present or not.

  • Scandinavian pine: This type of wood has intense, tight and dense grains owing to the fact that it takes longer to grow to maturity. It has very little moisture absorption rate so it cannot rot easily making it a perfect material for building cabins. Even though it is relatively expensive, you can be sure your log cabin will survive all seasons with minimal repairs needed.

Log Cabins Classified According to Type of Use

  • Camping Pod: This is a log cabin designed to be used as a shed in the garden. It can be used to store bicycles, gardening tools and even items that are crowding your main house.

  • Clock house: It is designed with large windows and a wide door to allow for proper ventilation. Most people use them as home offices because of their ambience, wonderful ventilation, and proper natural lighting.

  • Garden Cabin Rennes: This is a wonderful and robust type of cabin that is used as a garden playhouse by children.  It is normally made from Scandinavian spruce or Nordic wood making it be strong and resistant to bad weather and insect infestation.


Before you purchase a cabin, you need to make sure quality is outstanding at all times. Examine its design, decorations and the type of wood used for you to know whether it is perfect for you or not.