Viewing Guide and Tips for House Hunters

Viewing Guide and Tips for House Hunters

Shopping for a new house can be an exciting and stimulating experience for many. Most people do not know exactly what to look for, what to focus on, and what to overlook in house viewing. Many will choose a house based on the first impression and not for what they like.


You don’t need to feel pressured to pick a house simply because it looks good at first glance.  A house is quite a considerable investment to make a rushed decision on. This is why sellers stage their homes to help bring out the best side of the house. Aside from the good side, you also need to pay attention to other factors that matter in your house. A good example of factors many people would overlook is drainage. While the house may look good, poor drainage means you'll have to deal with flooding and backed up sewer all the time.


Here’s a quick guide to our viewing a house checklist.


  1. Check for Signs of Dampness

You never want to move in in a house with dampness issues. Even the slightest signs of dampness indicate the risk of more significant problems in the future. Look out for watermarked walls, flaky plaster, and damp skirting boards and ceilings. You also ought to be careful with a recently repainted house- chances are the owner is covering up dampness.


  1. Storage Space

This is all a matter of available space in the house. Take into consideration the belongings, furniture, and appliances you have in your house. Will they fit in this house and leave enough room around. Check to see if you can add an extra shelf or two to keep your cleaning materials and hoovers.


  1. Guest Room

A family member or friend may want to come to visit. Will they have to crush on the couch or is there a room to spare. This might however not be an issue if the dining room or living rooms are large enough. If you wish to entertain your guests, you might then need that guest room.


  1. Ask for a Second Opinion

Bring a friend or family member along to view the house. The extra set of eyes will help spot things you might have missed and even advise you wherever necessary. The extra pair of eyes is always welcome when shopping for and viewing a property you are interested in.


  1. Check Out the Outdoors

Do not be dazzled by the impeccable condition of the house just yet. Get outside and check the back and front areas to determine their condition as well.  Inspect the drainage situation, exterior pipe, and the state of the paths and the garden behind (if any).


  1. Don't Rush

Always take your time when viewing a property you are interested in. If other viewers seem to be in a rush, let them go first. Neither them nor the homeowner should force you to make a rushed decision on such a considerable investment. Envision the type of house you have always wanted, check out the local neighborhood, nearby street, and everything else you look for in a home.


  1. Ask Questions

Create a list of things you'd want to know from the current owner. Be sure to ask any burning question when there's still time. It is by asking all the right questions that you can know more about the property, and whether it is worth your time and money.


  1. Test Everything

Some of us are too shy to test even the smallest things, such as turn on the taps. If you truly wish to live in this house, you then need to know if everything works as it should. Try out the taps, lights, and even poke the ceilings if you have to. Talk to a neighbor or two to get an idea of how the neighborhood is. You should also consider testing out other things such as how close the transport links are, garage, and parking lots.


  1. Be Realistic

It's easy to see only the positives in a home and even envision yourself living there. You however need to remember nothing is as smooth; there will be challenges here and there in the house. That said, don't get carried away by the superficial things, look out for potential issues or problems with the house. Some issues with the house might be easy to live with, while others are simply too much. While everything doesn’t have to be perfect, you also don’t want to make the wrong choice.


  1. Take One More Look 

It's almost impossible to take note of everything in the house with the first look. That said, it would be wise to go back inside and take a good second look. This makes it easier to see things you don’t focus on the first time, and even confirm the features you fell in love with.